Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"Worst Band Ever" Goes Viral With Pink Floyd Massacre

Posted on YouTube as "Worst Band Ever Butchers Pink Floyd":


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feds Still Censoring/Seizing So-Called "Pirate" Sites

Although the fed's latest internet censorship attempt has failed (for now), they're still shutting down internet sites suspected of piracy, despite a lack of evidence.

As with federal asset forfeiture laws, with suspected "internet piracy" it's guilty until proven innocent.

Once again, the feds are trashing the Constitution.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Internet Censorship Bill Stymied -- TSA Porno Scanners Next Target reports progress on the internet censorship bill that we previously reported:

On November 18, 2010, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to send the Internet blacklist bill to the full Senate, but it was quickly stopped by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) who denounced it as "a bunker-buster cluster bomb" aimed at the Internet and pledged to "do everything I can to take the necessary steps to stop it from passing the U.S. Senate."

Wyden's opposition practically guarantees the bill is dead this year -- and next year the new Congress will have to reintroduce the bill and start all over again. But even that might not happen: Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Hollywood's own senator, told the committee that even she was uncomfortable with the Internet censorship portion of the bill and hoped it could be removed when they took it up again next year!

This is incredible -- and all thanks to you. Just a month ago, the Senate was planning to pass this bill unanimously; now even the senator from Hollywood is backing away from it. But this fight is far from over -- next year, there's going to be hearings, negotiations, and even more crucial votes. We need to be there, continuing to fight.

Can you chip in a couple bucks so we can keep our lobbyist in DC?

We're doing everything we can: working with key staffers to remove the most egregious parts of the bill, lobbying more members of Congress to speak out against this bill, and insisting on hearings so the whole Senate can learn about how dangerous this is. And, of course, we'll keep working with you to make sure more people hear about this bill and tell their senators.

Keep on fighting,

-- Aaron Swartz, David Segal, and the Demand Progress team

P.S. Are you as outraged as we are at those new TSA scanners? Click here to write a letter to your state legislators asking them to ban the practice. We've already gotten a bill introduced in New York -- will your state be next?


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Music Industry Supports Internet Censorship Bill


Congress is bringing back the Internet blacklist bill for a vote on Thursday -- just a week from now! We've spent the week meeting people in DC and I can tell you our petition is definitely making a difference. This bill was supposed to pass without objection, but now even Politico is calling it "hotly debated" -- all thanks to you.

We've found the most effective way to get through to senators is for constituents to call in to Congress.

Remember, this bill--in blatant violation of the Constitution--would let the Attorney General create a blacklist of websites that every American ISP would be required to block. Wikileaks, YouTube, and others are all at risk. Human rights advocates, constitutional law experts, and the people who invented the Internet have all spoken out against this bill -- but some of the most powerful industries in the country are demanding that Congress rush it through. The music industry is even having all of their employees call Congress to pose as citizens in support of the bill.

-- Aaron Swartz, David Segal, and the Demand Progress team

P.S. Can you please forward our petition to your friends? So far over 250,000 people have signed. Can you help us hit 300,000 before the vote?


The music industry is supporting this bill, doubtless to make it easier to take down "pirate" sites. But if this bill passes, it can be used to censor any site that the military, or any politically well-connected group, wants to censor.

Another example of how over-broad intellectual property protection threatens free speech.


Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween in November on Theofantastiqe: Horror Film Aesthetics

It's early November, but if Halloween is still on your mind, you may want to read this interview in Theofantastique, in which Thomas M. Sipos discusses his book, Horror Film Aesthetics.

Theofantastique covers the intersection of the horror genre and metaphysical issues.

Read the interview for a peek into Sipos's views on the subject.

Or go directly to to buy the book!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

2010 Tabloid Witch Award Winners Announced

On October 4, 2010, the Hollywood Investigator announced the winners of the 2010 Tabloid Witch Awards.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Movie Muslims -- Films That Reflect Their Humanity

In this time of rising bigotry against our fellow Americans, who happen to be of Muslim heritage, it's good that Hollywood has produced some films that reflect the humanity of Muslims.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Paris Hilton Drug Bust Conspiracy Theory

Heard about Paris Hilton's latest arrest?

Hilton was riding in a limousine in Las Vegas. A cop stopped the limo due to a strong marijuana smell coming from it. While the cop was collecting information, Hilton removed lip balm from her purse, whereupon a small packet of cocaine fell out of her purse. Hilton was then arrested.

On Sunday night, August 29, KABC-AM's Leo Terrell offered an intriguing theory. He suggests that Hilton intentionally got herself arrested.

Why? Because Hilton hasn't been in the news for six months. Lindsay Lohan has blown Hilton off the news pages, courtesy of Lohan's arrest. After a slap on the wrist (a few days in county jail), Lohan was rewarded with a lucrative TV interview.

This could be the latest celebrity fad. Used to be if you wanted to keep your name in the news, you adopted an African baby. Now, you get arrested. Being a celebrity, you get a slap on the wrist, followed by major news coverage, paid interviews, and more pay for future film and TV projects.

Regarding her arrest, Hilton says that she's not worried,

Hopefully, Hilton and Lohan will eventually run into judges that punish them like real people -- several years in prison, with no access to cell phones, twitter, or reporters! Give them hard time, the sort that ages you a decade!

When young girls see that the price of crime is loss of youth, beauty, and fame, then they'll stop idolizing and emulating these vapid, brain-dead, drugged-out "stars," and strive to lead a straight, drug-free life.

(Yes, I know that if Hilton facilitated her arrest by intentionally dropping the cocaine from her purse, it's not a "conspiracy," because a conspiracy requires more than one person. However, if her current boyfriend (some Las Vegas "mogul" she was sharing the limo with), helped Hilton get arrested by emitting the marijuana smoke from the limo to attract the cop's attention, then it would be a conspiracy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Copyright Laws Restricts Progress

An expansion of Fair Use, and a shortening of copyright terms, are necessary to encourage progress and innovation.

That's a reasonable conclusion from the finding of economic historian Eckhard Höffner, who believes that England's strict copyright law (enacted in 1710), compared to Germany's non-existence of copyright, was a major reason that German industry caught up to England's despite the latter's head start.

Höffner writes:

"Publishers in England exploited their monopoly shamelessly. New discoveries were generally published in limited editions of at most 750 copies and sold at a price that often exceeded the weekly salary of an educated worker.

"London's most prominent publishers made very good money with this system, some driving around the city in gilt carriages. Their customers were the wealthy and the nobility, and their books regarded as pure luxury goods. In the few libraries that did exist, the valuable volumes were chained to the shelves to protect them from potential thieves.

"In Germany during the same period, publishers had plagiarizers -- who could reprint each new publication and sell it cheaply without fear of punishment -- breathing down their necks. Successful publishers were the ones who took a sophisticated approach in reaction to these copycats and devised a form of publication still common today, issuing fancy editions for their wealthy customers and low-priced paperbacks for the masses."

Also read these Hollywood Investigator articles: Long Copyright Terms Resemble Book-Burning, and Big Media Is Stealing YOUR Copyrights, and Pirate Party Demands Copyright Reform.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

South African Horrorfest's 6th Event Nears

The 6th annual South African Horrofest Film Festival will run November at the The Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town, South Africa.

This 6th installment will include a range of new movies, classics, sneak previews, and premieres from around the world, as well as several chapters of short films (international and local), Halloween dress-up prizes, and audience give-aways before each film. A big Horror DVD collection (of several dozen movies) will be up for grabs for one lucky viewer.

There will also be a spectacular live movie soundtrack performance to the screening of a classic silent horror film by The Makabra Ensemble (created by members of Terminatryx, collaborating with members of Lark and violin maestro Matthijs Van Dijk).

The final festival line-up will be released soon.

The new literary leg added in 2009 with the Lounge Of Horror fiction readings has been expanded in 2010 to include Bloody Parchment's short story competition.

Closing date for film and short story entries is late-August. (Extensions by request - see website for full info.

Another added feature comes in the shape of a dark art and photography exhibition which is in the works. The S.A. Horrofest is nurturing South African moviemaking (and encouraging its own fresh identity), and fiction writers, artists and photographers.

While last year's special guest (American Werewolf in London's John Landis) couldn't make it, we are looking into bringing a prominent figure in horror movies to the event.

Check out the original HorrorFest promo clip produced by the festival organizers (expanded soon for the 2010 event):

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tabloid Witch Award Winner Within Premieres on Lifetime

If you love ghostly horror stories about haunted children -- like The Sixth Sense! -- you'll want to see Within, premiering on the Lifetime network on Saturday, July 31st, 9 p.m. EST. It will also air on Sunday, Aug 15th, 7 p.m. EST, and Friday, Aug 20th, 9 p.m. EST.

Within won the 2009 Tabloid Witch Awards for Best Horror Feature Film, Best Child Actor (Mia Ford) and Best Supporting Actor (Brent Sexton). Within also won for Outstanding Feature Film at the Big Bear Horror Film Festival.

In Within, nine-year-old Rachel Weiss sees the evil spirits that reside within others and compel their "hosts" to do very bad things. When her new friend Michelle's schoolyard pranks turn from petty theft to life-threatening attacks on other children, Rachel's visions may be the key to stopping the violence -- and solving the mystery of a young boy's decade-old disappearance.

Within's soundtrack will be available on iTunes starting July 27th. Jeffrey Toyne composed the ambient score. Director Hanelle Culpepper and her husband wrote the lyrics for the Halloween song. Singer-songwriter Miriam contributed two tracks.

"Within is a slow turning screw of Horror, with each new scene slowly and surely stepping up the skin crawl factor. You might just find yourself a little bit paranoid around your child's new friend after this one." -- E.C. McMullen Jr,

"...Within is never dull. Its well-paced story holds our interest, and even manages to surprise despite its familiar conceit. The fate of 'bad seed' Michelle is also unexpected; a surprisingly dark ending that may discomfort Hollywood studio executives who are always trying to up the 'feel good' factor in films." -- Thomas M. Sipos, Hollywood Investigator

"...I get back to the fest for Within, the winner of 'Outstanding Feature Film,' and rightfully so. Written by Rebecca Sonnenshine (The Haunting of Molly Hartley, American Zombie)and directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper,Within features two of the best child performances I've seen in ages by Sammi Hanratty (Young Chuck on Pushing Daisies" and Mia Ford. --Sean Abley,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

David Landsberg's Sex Tax Infringes Lady Magdalene's Copyright, Says Producer J. Neil Schulman

J. Neil Schulman is alleging that David Landsberg's upcoming film, Sex Tax, infringes the copyright to Schulman's own film, Lady Magdalene's.

Read the full story here.

UPDATE -- July 13, 2010

J. Neil Schulman has changed his mind. He now believes that David Landsberg did not copy Schulman's film.

Read latest story here.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Hollywood Investigator Is Now an Urban Fantasy Novel

You've read the tabloid -- now read the novel!

Hollywood says it loves equal opportunity and multicultural diversity. Development executive Diana Däagen thinks the studio's hiring is based more on ageism, sexism, and nepotism.

And so, surrounded by followers of Wicca, astrology, Native American shamans, telephone psychics, UFO prophets, a channeled warlord from Atlantis, and the alchemy of Hermes Trismegistus, Diana's coven of New Age witches hatch a plot to infiltrate and diversify the entertainment industry until Hollywood "looks like America" -- no matter how many eggs must be broken along the way.

Only the intrepid supermarket tabloid reporters of the Hollywood Investigator and Weekly Universe family of family publications can stop Diana's path toward world media domination.

Hollywood Witches is an urban fantasy/satire, available on both paper and on Amazon Kindle.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Viscerea Ladies of Horror to Screen in Los Angeles, July 17, 2010

As a sponsor of the Viscera Film Festival, the Hollywood Investigator is pleased to announce the Viscera's premiere Los Angeles screening -- and an appeal for donations!

"Want to support women in horror? How about women horror filmmakers? Then donate today and become an official Sponsor of the Viscera 2010 Premiere!

What you do: Donate any amount from $1.00-$99.00.

What the Festival does for you: List your name/Company's name on the Viscera Festival Website. Project your name/Company’s name on the big screen. Hand out any of your promotional material.

What it means: Your donation of even $1 will help to pay the expenses of the theater, bloody carpet, backdrop, video/photography services, catering, and the organization of the Festival. We believe that women are truly coming together in one of the most difficult industries to break into today. Any donation will help to serve that purpose!

How to do it: Push the Paypal donation button and pay by Credit Card or Paypal account!

About the 2010 Viscera Festival:

The first annual all female-directed and/or produced horror film festival "Viscera" comes to Los Angeles on July 17th, 2010!

The Chainsaw Mafia,, and the Downtown Independent are excited to announced the Viscera 2010 Film Festival Premiere, which will be a bloody carpet theater event on July 17th, 2010 in Los Angeles, California!

Twenty-eight short female-directed/produced horror films, from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, and from all over the world, will appear on the big screen for one night only! These films represent 3 years of films painstakingly curated by Shannon Lark of The Chainsaw Mafia and released on the Viscera DVD collections.

Brea Grant (Heroes, Halloween II), Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever, How to Love Like a Hot Chick) and Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drones) are the Festival's special inspirational guest presenters and will host the award ceremonies. Special Guests in attendance include Juliet Landau (Angel, Ed Wood), Guinevere Turner (American Psycho, Go Fish), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary), Jessica Harper (Suspiria), Micheline Pitt (PinUp Girl Clothing), and Allison Anders (Gas, Food, Lodging) as well as many of the filmmakers.

The Downtown Independent Theater features 222 stadium style seats within the theatre, along with a rooftop bar with a projection screen for those who don't want to miss the show.

Co-Directors Shannon Lark and Heidi Martinuzzi encourage both men, women, filmmakers, and all artists to attend the event in support of the ambition and drive of filmmakers who have stepped outside the traditional roles of women in horror films and taken on directing, writing, and producing their own independent projects. Several filmmakers will be present to walk the bloody carpet and accept their statues, followed by an after-party on the Downtown Independent rooftop until 2am.

Tickets are only $15.00 and available now online, with the carpet walk starting at 4 p.m. Show support for the event by joining Viscera's Facebook page, making a donation, and purchasing the newly released 2008-2009 Viscera DVD.

The Chainsaw Mafia was created by Chainsaw Mafia CEO Shannon Lark to promote independent filmmakers through internet-based networking, live performance, and annual film festivals with monetary awards. The Chainsaw Mafia was created and facilitated by women, who actively encourage progressive roles for women and men in all areas within the horror genre. Increasing and expanding boundaries of the genre with interactive theater, film, photography, and dance, The Chainsaw Mafia assists the men and women who create the horror genre to produce their art and promote themselves. is an online entertainment magazine created in 2004 by Los Angeles-based film journalist Heidi Martinuzzi. Pretty/Scary celebrates creative, innovative, intelligent, and awesome images of women in horror, sci-fi & fantasy films, literature, and art."

Also read the Hollywood Investigator's interview with Shannon Lark!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is Up in the Air Offensive to Asians?

Films have long been "edited for television," at least for broadcast TV. It's also common for airlines to edit (some would say, censor) the films they screen on planes.

That's natural. Passengers on a flight are a captive audience. They chose to fly, not to see a film. Nor can they change the channel. Besides, many flights carry children, which means no R rated films.

So when I flew American Airlines a few weeks ago, I was not surprised to see the curse words and a nude scene cut from Up in the Air. I was surprised to see the word "Asian" removed. Apparently, someone decided that the word "Asian" was used offensively.

It's the scene in which Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) lectures to Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick) about how to pick the quickest, fastest moving security line.

Ryan sees old people on one line, and passes. "Too much metal" in their bodies sets off the metal detector.

Then Ryan passes on a line with children. "I've yet to see a stroller folded in under twenty minutes" he says.

Then he sees Asians on a line, and says, "Bingo. Asians. They pack light, travel efficiently and have a thing for slip-on shoes. God love 'em."

Natalie replies, "That's racist."

Ryan says, "I'm like my mother. I stereotype. It's faster."

A funny line in an overall great film.

However, in the American Airlines version, the word "Asians" was replaced with "business people." (Not "businessmen" -- that would be sexist.)

This makes Natalie's "That's racist" reply nonsensical -- which is why her line was removed. Her lips move, but emit no sounds. Of course, passengers who could lip read knew what she said.

I think "business people" was spoken by actor George Clooney. It sounded like him, and it's common for actors to dub different versions of as film.

If you only saw Up in the Air on American Airlines, now you know why the joke fell flat. A line that flirts with political incorrectness is usually funnier than the polite choice.


Friday, March 26, 2010

An American Rendition Tackles Torture and the "War on Terror"

Robert Johnson of the New Jersey Star-Ledger reviews An American Rendition, a new play that tackles America's pro-torture policy in the "War on Terror":

"Americans would rather not consider the suffering of people water-boarded, beaten and deprived of sleep as part of our government's so-called war on terror.

"Choreographer Jane Comfort tackles what she calls this 'collective unwillingness to look' in 'An American Rendition,' a grimly mocking work of contemporary dance-theater coming to the Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College on Saturday.

"The piece recalls the by-now much publicized activities of government agents who sequestered individuals without trial and have subjected them to practices explicitly prohibited under U.S. and international law.

"While 'An American Rendition' focuses on the plight of a fictional character mistakenly detained and transported to a U.S.-operated black site, the piece ironically juxtaposes the gruesome incidents of his captivity with weirdly light-hearted scenes inspired by reality television."

Read the rest of the article.

Also read: Pentagon Possessed: A Neocon Horror Story.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Film Independent Seeks Diverse Filmmakers

From Film Indepdendent:

Film Independent's signature diversity program Project:Involve, is dedicated to increasing diversity in the film industry by cultivating the careers of under-represented filmmakers. The program selects individuals from diverse backgrounds and filmmaking tracks; including writers, directors, producers, agents, managers, marketing, distribution, and acquisitions execs; to participate in the nine-month program which runs from October until June. As a Fellow, participants are paired one-on-one with industry mentors, assigned a team to make a short film, and attend monthly filmmaking workshops and other educational seminars.

Project:Involve receive...

* One-year membership with Film Independent
* One pass to the Los Angeles Film Festival
* One pass to the Film Independent Filmmaker Forum
* Year-round mentorship and alumni support
* Opportunity to screen short film at our Project:Involve screenings

Filmmakers including Effie T. Brown (Rocket Science), Jon Chu (Step Up 2), Cherien Dabis (Amreeka), and Tina Mabry (Mississippi Damned) are all Project:Involve Fellows - you could be next.

Submit by March 29, 2010.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

School Choice Documentary, The Cartel to Premiere April 16th

From Bowden Media:

"The Cartel is being released nationwide next month. This documentary focuses on school choice and charter schools, and advocates for the expansion of institutions like charter schools, and less government involvement in the education system.

Premiering on April 16, "The Cartel will play at Laemmle's Summit 5 Theater in Los Angeles.

Also read about school choice filmmaker Fernanda Rossi.

Off Season Premieres at Gasparilla Film Festival

From a press release:

Off Season, which was nominated for the 2010 BAFTA Award for Best Short Film, will be premiering next week at the Gasparilla Independent Film Festival, in Tampa Florida.

In Off Season, an alcoholic transient, with only his Jack Russell terrier for a companion, steals from summer cottages during the brutal and desolate off season at a lakeside resort. When he ventures from his usual path in search of a full bottle of booze, he makes a terrifying discovery that threatens his solitary existence.

Off Season was shot over seven days in February 2009 in the Georgian Bay region of Ontario. Its production was as frightening as the events being filmed. Long snowmobile rides across vast stretches of frozen lake in the blackness of night and brutal, subzero temperatures were only some of the hardships that director Jonathan Van Tulleken, producer Jacob Jaffke, and their crew overcame.

Bill Sage, whose acting credits include Sex and the City, High Art, American Psycho, and Third Watch, stars in Off Season as the loner.

Director Jonathan Van Tulleken's short films have been selected for a wide number of international film festivals, among them Toronto, Edinburgh and Slamdance. He has had his work screened on the BBC and as part of the Virgin Media Shorts Awards in over 200 UK cinemas. In '09 he was picked by Creativity Magazine as one of their top 10 directors to watch and most recently his film Off Season was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Short.

Producer Jacob Jaffke has overseen commercials, music videos, webisodes, and short and feature films. He was production manager on Ti West's The House of the Devil, was line producer on Joe Maggio's Bitter Feast, and most recently was a Producer on James McKenney’s Hypothermia.

Off Season was an Official Selection at the 2010 Slamdance Film Festival and 2009's Encounters Short Film Festival.

Friday, March 12, 2010

U.S. Pirate Party Urges More Copyright Fair Use

According to the United States Pirate Party:

The United States wishes to increase its enforcement of current copyright laws and is asking for your input. We have included a handy email tool that will allow you to
send an email from this site.

Also read this article from the Swedish Pirate Party.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Godspeed Premeires in Theaters March 26, On DVD/VOD April 20

Robert Saitzyk's Godspeed premiered to critical acclaim at a number of film festivals and won the Special Jury Award for Exceptional Artistic Achievement at the CineVegas Film Festival.

Charlie Shepard (Joseph McKelheer, The Hamiltons, The Violent Kind) is a modern day faith healer, a man who claims that if you let go and believe, then his power to heal is very real. Living with his young son and wife, Charlie ekes out a meager living from his "healing" sessions in a small Alaskan town. With his marriage failing, and an old drinking habit coming back to haunt him, his family is brutally murdered by unknown assailants.

Six months later, Charlie has abandoned his former life and the house his family lived in. Even local fish and game man Mitch (Ed Lauter, Seabiscuit) can't break through Charlie’s desolation. Then, a young, mysterious girl named Sarah (Courtney Halverson) appears in town, and seeks out Charlie. 

It's here on Charlie's journey to Sarah's remote home, buried deep in the Alaskan wilderness, where he must eventually confront Sarah’s troubled brother Luke (Cory Knauf, The Violent Kind, The Hamiltons) -- a dark journey that will ultimately reveal the truth of his family's killings and lead to tragic, violent consequences for all.

Shot in and around Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska,  Godspeed was directed and edited by Robert Saitzyk and produced by Houston King and John Flanagan. Saitzyk’s previous films include After the Flood and White of Winter, which premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival.

Theatrical Dates:

March 26, 2010, Cinema Village, New York, NY

April 9, 2010, Laemmle's Sunset 5, Los Angeles, CA

April 16, 2010, Bear Tooth Theatre, Anchorage, AK

"Godspeed is a truly marvelous film…It’s an indie masterpiece, angry yet breathtaking cinema with a one-fingered salute to authoritarian moviemaking. Godspeed…is one of the finest movies in a long time." – Fangoria

"Director Robert Saitzyk somehow manages the impossible and completely sidesteps the usual traps inherent in such Old Testamental material...with a powerful combination of grace and fury." – Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Actress Heather Graham Supports Health Care Public Option

Actress Heather Graham (Boogie Nights, Austin Powers, Twin Peaks), has lent her time and fame to support a public option in health care reform:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Darcy Halsey Announces The Reunion Web Series

Actress Darcy Halsey, profiled in the Hollywood Investigator in 2007, updates us:

I am so excited that I am finally able to show this online project, that I co-wrote and co-directed, called The Reunion. It's been a long time coming!

We've finally finished the pilot presentation for the interactive web series about (as many of you know from seeing the choose-your-own adventure play) a 10 year high school reunion. But since we've gone online, we've added a twist, and the night has turned into a murder mystery.

Remember Jason? The guy who died at the senior party? Yeah, well, it's 10 years later (1994) and still no one knows who did it. Yeah.

Please check out our site and enjoy exploring the night. It's a bit raucous and naughty, but what high school reunion isn't?

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


Monday, February 15, 2010

The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu Set for Fall Theatrical Release

From MPI Media Group:

New York, NY (February 15, 2010) -- MPI Media Group has acquired all North American rights to The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu, a new comedy-thriller. The film will receive a Fall 2010 theatrical release through MPI's Dark Sky Films label, to be followed by DVD and Video On Demand in October.

The distribution deal for The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu was negotiated by Greg Newman, executive vice president of MPI Media Group, and Nate Bolotin of XYZ Films.

Kyle Davis (Friday the 13th, Men of a Certain Age) stars as Jeff, a bored guy stuck in a dead-end job whose life suddenly changes when a strange old man gives him an ancient relic and tells him he is the last descendant of H.P. Lovecraft, author of such classic horror short stories as "The Dunwich Horror," "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and the influential Cthulhu Mythos stories.

Jeff and his friend Charlie embark on an adventure to protect the relic from falling into the hands of the Starspawn and his minions, who want to release the hideous cosmic entity Cthulhu back into the world.

The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu marks the feature directorial debut of Henry Saine, whose career was launched with two comedic short films, Not in My Family and Love Royale. It's also the writing and producing debut of Devin McGinn, who co-stars as Charlie. The cast includes Barak Hardley, Honor Bliss and Sujata Day.

The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu had its world premiere in October at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Ore., and was a selection at the January 2010 Slamdance Film Festival, in Park City, Utah.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Principal Photography Begins on Dark Sky Film's Hypothermia

From MPI:

Chicago, IL (February 9, 2010) - Dark Sky Films announces the start of principal photography and production on James Felix McKenney's feature Hypothermia.

Hypothermia, written and directed by McKenney, stars Michael Rooker, who's long career in film includes Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Hypotermia co-stars Blanche Baker (Sixteen Candles, Taking Chance, The Girl Next Door).

Also in the cast are Greg Finley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager") and McKenney regulars Don Wood (The Off Season, Automatons), Ben Forster and Amy Chang. The film will be produced in partnership with Larry Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix.

The story occurs in Maine during winter. Ray Pelletier and his wife Helen have been ice fishing the frozen expanse of Lake Noyade for over two decades, but this year something is different: no fish bite. Is it their new neighbors on the ice -- Stevie Jr. and his overbearing Dad -- with their high-tech gear and over-sized rig that is driving the fish away? Or is it something else?

The answer comes in an onslaught of ferocious attacks that unites the two families against a mysterious creature from under the ice.

Producers on the film are 2010 Spirit Award nominee and horror director Larry Fessenden and his partners Peter Phok and Brent Kunkle, along with Dark Sky Films producer Derek Curl (The House of the Devil, Hatchet 2). The Co-Producer is Jacob Jaffke (The House of the Devil, Bafta nominated short Off Season).

Hypothermia is produced in association with Offhollywood Pictures, and is one of the first feature films to be shot in 4K on REd One digital cinema cameras updated with the new, high-dynamic range Mysterium-X sensor alongside David Fincher's Social Network and Steven Soderbergh's Knockout.

Says Fessenden, "It is very gratifying to have the support of such a cool company as Dark Sky so we can keep making these auteur-driven genre films we call Scareflix. Having Michael Rooker headline the cast in a role like this is especially exciting because it is a different side of Rooker we’ll be exploring. I know the fans will be gratified to spend some real screen time with him in this rugged and sympathetic role.

The monster has been created by effects veteran Chris Bridges who has lent his talents to such films as Diary of the Dead, 300, Silent Hills, Saw III, Max Payne, since his on-set debut on Mimic. Stunt and movement artist Asa Liebmann will be inside the suit. Gore effects will be handled by Brian Spears (Plaguetown, I Sell the Dead, Bitter Feast, Stake Land.

Dark Sky Films is dedicated to the discovery, preservation and production of new and classic horror, sci-fi and cult films from around the world. Based in Chicago, Dark Sky Films is a wholly owned subsidiary of The MPI Media Group.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Military Censors Black Lung Album Interview

We thought we had seen everything when it came to interviews, but this one was brand new. The US Military Authorities have decided to censor an interview that was to appear on the website of the Belgian electro music magazine

More specifically, the interview given by David Thrussell (Black Lung, Snog etc) has been censored, and part of the transcript has been removed from being published. The interview handled David Thrussell newest release which was commissioned by DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which is a funding body of the U.S Government and the Pentagon.

The resulting album Full Spectrum Dominance got released under the name of Black Lung.

The Black Lung interview which got censored handled the specific preparation and what exactly got recorded for the release. [You can read the censored interview here].

Kind regards,

Bernard Van Isacker
Side-Line chief editor

Friday, February 05, 2010

2nd Annual All Sports Film Festival

(Hollywood, CA) – February 4, 2010 – The 2nd Annual All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival will be held on July 9 and 10, 2010 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California.

Whether it is a dramatic or comedic piece, ASLAFF welcomes screenwriters and filmmakers to share their great stories in regards to the world of sports. This festival will give the many sports fanatics an outlet for their love of competition in the medium of cinema.

ASLAFF will include any subject matter that deals with mental and physical competition for the sake of winning. The stories will include anything from auto racing and badminton to spelling bees and chess.

Our jury and judges already include ESPN Sideline Reporter Holly Rowe. Also on the panel are established producers, screenwriters, and television staff writers. More are soon to be added.

There will be an opening reception on Friday night followed by the premiere of several short films and a feature film. Saturday will be filled with the presentation of short and feature films.

For more information and updates, please check the festival website at or email

Monday, February 01, 2010

Viscera Film Festival Announces Official Selections

The Viscera Film Festival, a horror Film Festival that presents women created horror films from all over the world has announced the 2009-2010 officially selected Viscera films. Viscera judges Heidi Martinuzzi, Devi Snively, Elisabeth Fies, Stacie Ponder, and Shannon Lark are proud to present the following:

Barbee Butcher by Sophie Lagues

Beautiful As You Are by Doug Mallette and Mary Katherine Sisco

Hollywood Skin by Maude Michaud

I Spit on Eli Roth by Devi Snively

Mary Jane Go Round by Ginnetta Correli  (Viscera Award Winner)

Mockingbird by Marichelle Daywalt

Salome's Picnic by Victoria Waghorn

Switch by Melanie Light

The selected films are placed on a compilation DVD which is viewed by Viscera's Sponsors, who are journalists, websites, artists, and affiliated Film Festivals for potential reviews/screenings around the world.

The Viscera Film Festival will have its first screening in the Spring of 2010 (date TBA) in Los Angeles, celebrating Viscera's 2009, 2008, and 2007's selections, accompanied with an award ceremony.

Each selected filmmaker will receive a Viscera Statue and filmmaker Ginnetta Correli will receive the 2009-2010 Viscera Award for her film Mary Jane Go Round.

The Viscera Award is a monetary award suited specifically for women coming together exclusively or creating films on their own instead of participating in cat fights and talking about hairspray.


The Chainsaw Mafia
Contact: Shannon Lark, CEO of the Mafia and Director of the Viscera Film Festival

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Women of Horror Film Festival Announced

Received from Mitchell Wells:

We are thrilled to announce another Women of Horror Film Festival in May -- Women of Horror 2.

With each festival we try to bring a new and different theme into the movie theater, and once again it's Lady's Night!

On Saturday, May 1st from 5pm to 2am, Horror Society will feature films directed, produced, or written by women.

Our goal for this festival is to show the female side of the horror genre in a way that most of the horror fans are not familiar with. Many studios and companies need to stay away from this point of view because it does not attract the audience they are looking for. To us that is a shame. There are so many female directors doing indie horror now without the recognition they need and deserve. This is our chance to show those women that are making these types of films.

So with that said, we are looking for films (both feature and short) that go along with this theme. If you are a female director, producer, or writer, here is your chance to get your film screened to an audience that will appreciate it. Submission fees are real cheap at only $20 for a short or a feature length film.

April 17th will be the final day for submissions. Anything postmarked after that date will not be considered.

The theater is located on 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave in Portage Park. It’s a beautiful theater located in a great part of the city with state of the art equipment. We will have the theater from 5pm to 2am with vendors, giveaways, and more.

More information at:

Advertising, Sponsorship, and Vendor Tables are available for companies wanting to promote their horror related products directly to their consumers.

Mitchell Wells (Festival Director)

Horror Society
(773) 706-9836

Israeli Comics Satirize IDF in Haiti

It's interesting to see how differently Israel is portrayed in the U.S. vs. in Israel. In American entertainment, no comedian -- no matter how "dangerous," "daring," or "cutting edge" -- dares to seriously mock Israel. A gentle ribbing, perhaps, but nothing harsh.

Israeli comics, however, mock Israel as harshly as American comics mock America.

Here's a clip from the Israeli TV show, It's a Wonderful Country, a sort of Israeli Saturday Night Live. The point of the joke, apparently, is that Israel sent only a token rescue force to Haiti, and only for P.R. purposes.

Something else you don't see on American TV. The "black actor" in this clip appears to be a white actor in blackface. Note his white arm.

There is a sizable black Ethiopian Jewish population in Israel, but I guess they have yet to make inroads into TV. However, I don't suppose Arab countries are any more enlightened in their attitude toward blacks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Martin Scorsese Praises Anti-Communist My Son John

This essay is reprinted courtesy S.T. Karnick:

Turner Classic Movies presents a grand total of two Hollywood movies about the dangers of international communism (and Communism) Wednesday night beginning at 8 EST. Will host Robert Osborne be as sympathetic to these films as he has always been toward anti-anticommunist movies? Not bloody likely.

Leo McCarey's My Son John (1952) has been uniformly lambasted by mainstream critics since the day it was released—because the villains are Communists. Yet Martin Scorsese, a smart cineaste and certainly no rabid anti-communist, classed the film among his all-time favorites and wrote very sympathetically and understandingly about it. It's actually a highly interesting film, and well worth watching, very much in the style of McCarey's other non-comedy films of the 1930s and '40s, such as Love Affair and Going My Way.

This clip (although of poor visual quality) gives a good sense of the film's style and quality:

Tune in and decide for yourself. I've seen My Son John, and the critical reception toward it has been absurdly dismissive of this heartfelt and very absorbing film. Had it been pro-Communist, I'm certain the reception would have been the very opposite, given that so many weak and inane films (such as The Front) have been falsely praised as courageous and brilliant.

-- S. T. Karnick

S. T. Karnick edits The American Culture, where this article first appeared.