Wednesday, June 03, 2015

June 3 is World Motern Day

Support the world's most prolific musician!

Matt Farley has created more than 17,000 songs since 2008. All the while, he's been working a full-time job outside of music!

The music is bringing him about $2000 every month. That's nice. But it's not enough to be a full-time musician!

So he declared that his birthday, June 3, will be World Motern Day. On that day, one million people are to listen to all eight hours of this amazing Spotify playlist. For each person who listens to the whole thing, Matt will earn about $1.50. By the end of the day, Matt will be a millionaire! It's foolproof!

The playlist is amazing! You won't believe that one man was able to produce all this great music! And you will have even more trouble believing that this playlist is less than 3% of his musical output! Wow!

Get your friends to join in on World Motern Day. It'll be fun!