Friday, April 20, 2012

Why Celebrities Should NOT "Shut up and sing!"

Talk radio motormouth Laura Ingraham's silly soundbite -- "Shut up and sing!" -- conveys an attitude shared by many on the Lunatic Right.

Imgraham is suggesting that Hollywood entertainers should entertain -- and leave politics to the experts. Like, presumably, Laura Ingraham.

But it's a hypocritical soundbite. Even an idiotic, offensive, and anti-American soundbite.

Now the Hollywood Investigator's Mimi Brickmeyer explains why!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Need an Agent to Get an Agent

It's a well known Catch-22. In Hollywood, no producer or studio will read a screenplay unless an agent submits it. But you can't find an agent unless producers and studios are already interested in you.

Now one high-powered Hollywood talent agency has upped the ante -- They refuse to read a screenplay unless it's submitted by an agent!

Read the shocking details in this special Hollywood Investigator report!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Short Film Contest: Political Satire Wanted is seeking comedic films about the 2012 Race for the White House.

Any short satirical video -- animations, skits, music videos, whatever -- welcome "as long as it's funny."

"The Republican primaries offer a tremendous amount of material, and there are plenty of other sideshows in the political sphere to parody. The edgier the better, so rock the boat, it's the best way to get noticed."

The 1st Place film will win $1000. Four runner-up film will each get $500. Winners to be determined by a panel of judges.

Details at: See Flik.