Sunday, June 11, 2017

Los Angeles Burglars Targeting Second Storey Windows

The following is being posted widely:

"I just finished a crime update meeting with our Detectives here in West LA. Our main area of concern are burglaries.

The trend that we are seeing, suspects (three to four male blacks) driving newer rental vehicles, breaking into homes in the evening hours (e.g., 8pm).

Suspects are watching residents leave the house and drive away. The suspects then cover up with hoods or hats tucked in tight to obscure there face.

Some recent activity, the suspects are taking the backyard furniture and stacking them up to access the second floor patio areas. Most alarms are not activated on the second floor sliding windows.

I encourage everyone to check into a neighborhood watch program or block captain program. The more vigilant the community, the less chance we give to the criminals to roam freely in our neighborhoods. Please ensure you look out for each other and if possible have some security cameras directed out towards the street or sidewalk areas. This can possibly help track the suspects movements and we can connect the dots."

Please forward this message to your Family, friends and neighbors.

Brian Espin #37430

Los Angeles Police Department
West Los Angeles Area
Community Relations Office