Thursday, September 22, 2016

Selfish Bicyclists Block Brentwood Wheelchair Ramp

The number of bicyclists is increasing on L.A.'s Westside -- as is their selfish, self-centered, self-entitlement. Bicyclists are notorious for illegally...

* Cycling on sidewalks, endangering pedestrians,

* Cycling side-by-side in the street, outside of designated bike lanes (instead of riding in tandem, as the law requires), blocking cars,

* Ignoring red lights,

* Ignoring stop signs, and refusing to wait their turn when it's a car's turn to go through,

* Passive-aggressively cycling in the middle of the street, blocking traffic, even when there's a designated bike lane available,

* Even polluting the environment and killing wildlife with their litter.

But these selfish cyclists reached new heights of arrogance when two of them chained their bikes in the middle of a wheelchair ramp at the Brentwood Town Center (a two-storey mini-mall located on the corner of 26th Street and San Vicente Blvd, in Los Angeles's Brentwood neighborhood).

The wheelchair "ramp" is actually a stone incline, leading to an upper level that is also accessible by stairs (for those lucky enough to still be able to walk or use a bicycle.)

As the photos attest (taken on Sunday afternoon, September 11, 2016), the remaining space was too narrow for wheelchairs to pass through.


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