Saturday, November 09, 2013

Crazy Hollywood Hills Property Owner Atop Granito Drive

A crazy-mad property-owner has been harassing anyone who hikes up Granito Drive in the Hollywood Hills, claiming that Granito Drive is a private road -- though it's not, according to city officials.

One harassed hiker took a video of the property owner as he bullied the hiker off Granito Drive.


The story is now being discussed on According to one poster who was attacked by the property owner (a different hiker from the one in the video):

The person that attacked me was arraigned yesterday. He pleaded not guilty and was released on his own recognizance (meaning that he didn't need to post bail) with "Force, Violence and Weapons Conditions," which means that he can't use force or violence or harass people walking/biking, etc. up Granito Drive and he can't posses/use any dangerous or deadly weapons while the case is pending. This is really good news and it's great to see that he is facing some consequences for his actions.

The City Attorney has again asked that I try to find any one else that may have had a run-in with this person. I've heard a lot of stories about this guy harassing various people, but I haven't had much success in getting people to come forward. While the case may still not get to trial, I'm hoping that now that it's clear that the case is moving forward, people will be more willing to step forward. So, please, if you have had a run in with this person, please contact me and I'll put you in touch with the attorney. You can contact me or the attorney anonymously and my understanding is that there are various legal means that can be used to keep your identity private (protective order, etc.) if you're concerned about retaliation.

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