Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is Seth MacFarlane's Ted Anti-Semitic -- Or Anti-Christian?

Radio's Ken Chiampou (of KFI-AM 640's John and Ken Show) has accused Seth MacFarlane's new film, Ted, of containing anti-Semitic material.

Ken complained about the film's depicting (or laughing about?) Christian children beating up Jewish children on Christmas. Ken made his remarks during his movie review of Ted, which was broadcast on Friday, July 13, 2012.

You can hear Ken's remarks here.

But is a scene of Christians persecuting Jews anti-Semitic -- or is it anti-Christian?

Christian kids beating up Jewish kids certainly doesn't paint Christians in a positive light.

If a film depicted Jews persecuting Christians, that would certainly be regarded as anti-Semitic. So really, to be logically consistent, if Christians are portrayed as the persecutors, isn't that anti-Christian?

Also, is actor Will Smith a homophobe?

And is the film, Up in the Air, anti-Asian?


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