Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is Actor Will Smith a Homophobe?

When a male reporter kissed actor Will Smith on the cheek -- and kept on kissing him, ever more intimately -- Smith shoved the reporter away in obvious disgust.

Is Smith's action homophobic? Some bloggers and tweeters say Yes!

The Hollywood Investigator says No! Smith's action does not make him a homophobe.

If a man was to grab and kiss a random woman (who didn't even know him), and she shoved him away, the woman would not be considered a heterophobe. Indeed, feminists would say that the man had criminally assaulted the woman.

Yet some "progressives" advocate a double standard. Women have a sacred right to say no to a man, but men must allow other men to grab and kiss them, else they are homophobic.

We support Will Smith's right to his own bodily integrity. It's his body, his right to decide who touches it.


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