Saturday, May 17, 2008

Californians: Vote YES on Prop 98 and NO on Prop 99

Californians, there will be a statewide election on June 3rd, 2008.

Contrary to lies you may have heard on the radio, Proposition 98 is real eminent domain reform. Proposition 99 is the sham.

Prop 98 protects all private property from eminent domain abuse: homes, small businesses, family farms and ranches, rentals, and houses of worship.

Prop 99 protects almost nothing: some homes, some of the time. Homes must be owner-occupied for over 12 months. Even then, homes can be taken if the city merely claims there are "health and safety" reasons. Entire residential neighborhoods can be re-zoned into non-existence.

What about rent control?

It's true that Prop 98 prohibits government from establishing rent control. However, tenants already living under rent control are protected. Rent control will apply to them for as long as they live in their residences. Furthermore, Prop 98 prevents government from taking rental property and giving it to private developers. Thus, Prop 98 increases protection for current tenants.

By contrast, Prop 99 allows government to take rental property and give it to private developers. Current tenants would be worse off under Prop 99.

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