Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tabloid Witch Award winner Shawna Baca Needs YOUR Help!

One of the 2007 Tabloid Witch Award winners, Shawna Baca requests that you view her new video and vote for it should you find it worthy.

Shawna writes: "Chillin’ with the Gonzalezes is the story of a blue-collar couple whose lives are constantly interrupted by their conniving live-in Grandma and her best friend and partner-in-crime: a cutthroat saleswoman trapped in the body of a nine-year-old neighbor girl. This is the 'Granny Krumps' episode.

Please vote for Chillin’ with the Gonzalezes as featured in the Myspace/FOX Television Storyteller Challenge. Fox and Myspace are looking for the next television show.

This was made in 4 days. Please support independent filmmakers and diversity. Pass this along and help spread the love.


Shawna Baca"

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