Sunday, April 01, 2007

Streets of Fire DVD rot

Add Streets of Fire to the many DVDs suffering from "DVD rot." I bought a pristine Streets of Fire DVD a couple of years ago. No problem. When I tried to view it for a second time a year later, on the same DVD player, the DVD kept pausing at some point. I was unable to play it past 20 minutes.

You can even see bubbles forming in the DVD, near the spindle hole.

DVD rot!

If you don't know what that is, read: Big Studios Stealing YOUR Time and Money With Faulty DVDs.

You might also Google "DVD rot" and see what comes up. Hint: don't waste too much money on your DVD library. DVDs are not built to last -- and that might even be intentional!

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KPaffenroth said...

Sorry to hear about your Streets of Fire DVD. Really. Mine looked pretty shitty right out of the box, but still better than my 20 year old VHS tape.